Frequently Asked Questions - Motorhome Hire in Derbyshire

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So you want to hire a Motorhome?
This Hire Procedure checklist will help you, and us, make your holiday run as smoothly as possible.

How do I start the hire process ?
1. Fill out the inital contact form on this page.
We will then provide a quote and confirm your details with an email.
2. If you accept the quote please respond and state your chosen payment method.
3. You will receive an invoice for the deposit of £350 (or cost of holiday if less than £350), cleared payment of which will secure your dates.
Balance becomes due 6 weeks prior to the holiday.
4. During the week leading up to your hire you will receive a money request from
PayPal for the damages deposit, and an email containing a code to allow
you to enter your driver details on this form.
Remember to enter all your drivers one after another using the same code.
5. All drivers will need to generate a one
time driving licence check code from the DVLA website here.
A detailed hire procedure checklist is available to download here.

What do I need to supply for each driver ?
Documents we need during the week leading up to hire (for every driver):
1. Full UK driving licence (we only hire to UK residents).
2. The check code from DVLA website.
3. 2 recent utility bills dated in the past 90 days
We will only accept:
Council Tax
Home Telephone/Broadband
The name and address on the documents should exactly match the name and address on the driving licence.
There are no exeptions to this rule as it is part of the insurance pre requsit.
If you handle your utilities electronically as many people do nowadays, don't worry, we can accept screen shots.

We accept the following payment methods:
Bank Transfer (payments can be made on the due by date).
Paypal (payments should be made 48 hours before the due by date).
Building Society Cheque (payments should be made one week before the due by date).

Excessive mileage
Vehicle servicing costs are at a premium and therefore excessive mileage means more cost.
As our vehicles are serviced every 6000 miles there is a charge for driving in excess of 120 miles
per day, which will be averaged at the end of the hire.
For example, 5 days hire - up to 600 miles in total, 7 days hire - 840 miles in total, and so on.
Mileage exceeded will be charged at 30p per mile. If it is thought at the time of booking that mileage
may run over, please ask us and we can come to an arrangement.
Motorhome Hire site fee discounts
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